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My first sail took place on a Y-Flyer on Lake St. John in Louisiana.  My late friend, Richard Rand, took Missy and I sailing when we visited him at his family's camp while on leave before I went to Korea.  I didn't know it at the time, but it planted a seed that has grown over the years.  My supervisor at Harris in 1972-1974 was a sailor.   I crewed for him on his Cal 20 in local around the buoys races on Friday nights.  Since then I have sailed as crew on Columbia 29s, Lindenberg 26s, Wavelength 24s, J-30s, a Herreshof 37 and a Watkins 27, to name a few.  I have made two crossings to the Bahamas, one for a week in the Abacos.

We bought a Cal-25 in 1976.  It had been damaged in an accident and we spent the next several months restoring it.  We still own it and hope to sell it soon.  A few years ago we purchased “Double Sync”, a 1985 Cal-33 which, after the proper ceremony, was renamed “Short Wave”.  Short Wave is better suited to our sailing style, with a real head, shower, a galley and stand-up headroom.

We belong to the Melbourne Yacht Club, a small, sailing-oriented club where we keep our Cal.

Here’s the Cal-25, hauled for a bottom job a few years ago.



Here’s Short Wave nee Double Sync, returning from the pre-purchase survey.  Missy walked up the Melbourne Causeway and took the picture as Short Wave sailed through.  She says you have no idea how much the bridge moves around until you stand up there!



Back in Melbourne Harbor after a successful survey and sail!



Not me, but I have done it since! 



The view is great!