Well, they are not exactly "before" pictures.  I had the power supply cabinet disassembled before I decided it would have been neat to track the project in pictures and later, on my web site.  So I partially reassembled the unit for some pictures.  At least, I put the front panel back together and on the unit.  You can click on each picture to see a larger version.

I acquired this unit in July just before going on vacation.  I took it apart and promptly went out of town for two weeks, then came back to a pile of work and, well, you know the story.  Anyway, thanks to some notes and the fact that I had a manual and help from a few folks on the Collins Reflector, the power supply cabinet is back together and I'm plotting the attack on the RF deck.

This unit, SN 11934, had obviously seen better days.  It was painted battleship grey, dented and scratched, and a few unauthorized modifications had been made.  Here's what it looked like when I got it.

The original owner (and some clever rodent who was able to keep warm in the power supply cabinet without getting electrocuted) loved cashews.  There were probably a dozen well-dessicated cashews in behind the chokes and capacitors in the cabinet.

When it was all disassembled, it looked pretty sad.  Kind of a Heathkit in reverse.

Somewhere along the line it had been dropped.  The welds where the sides meet the bottom on the front were cracked.  Someone punched out the RF Input RCA jack and replaced it with an SO-239.  These repairs necessitated a trip to the welding shop.
It's all back together now.  Watch this spot for some "after" pictures.  The next challenge is the RF Deck.  Look at all those components that have to be removed to do a good paint job.  I'm especially not looking forward to re-stringing the dial cords.  I've already had a run-in with one of those.