Ham Radio

Everything on this site is under construction.  I'm a tinkerer and don't have time for a full-up effort so the pages are being done incrementally.

I was licensed in 1958 as KN5TAN. Became K5TAN in 1959. Held WA4UQT for a few years in the 60s and 70s, as well as HL9WP in 1970/1971.

My first piece of real ham gear was a Globe Chief 90A, a Christmas present after getting my Novice license.  I struggled along with a short wave broadcast receiver without a BFO, trying in vain to make contacts for several months.  My parents took pity on me and gave me a Hallicrafters S-38E.  I got on phone (still with crystals) with a Johnson screen modulator and then the Globe UM-1 plate modulator.  Two summers of lawn mowing later I bought a Drake 2B.  I used a Heath VF-1 borrowed from a friend until he got his General license, then a modified ARC-5 transmitter as a VFO.  In 1963 I put a Haath HX-20 with the Drake 2B and soon thereafter added a homebrew 4-65A linear (90 watts PEP just didn't cut it).  While in college I traded the HX-20 and Drake 2B in on a Galaxy III.  Used it mostly mobile for 3 or 4 years.  After another 4 years or so, got a Yaesu FT-101.  Used the -101 for 7 or 8 years and traded it on the Icom 735.  I operate mostly CW on the Icom 735, but have recently become interested in collecting Collins S-Line gear. The picture below shows the current shack.  The IC-735 is the only original rig there, although I do still have my original Globe Chief 90A and UM-1.  The Globe Chief in the picture was acquired as a parts rig along with the 755A VFO.  I always wanted one of those when I had my Globe Chief.  I hope to get my Globe Chief, UM-1 and the 755A working on AM soon. The HX-20/HR-20/HP-20 was a $50 hamfest purchase.  A few caps and a crystal later, they are working just fine!

I recently purchased a "fixer-upper" 30S-1 kilowatt amplifier. I have completed the restoration of the power supply cabinet (except I'm not satisfied with the paint so I'm going to have to wet sand, polish, and maybe wax a little).  To see some pictures of the work in progress, click on the picture below.

For those also restoring one of these classics, I am posting a picture of some alternate high voltage switches I have located for the 30S-1. The black switch on the left is an original switch. The red indicator in the middle is a replacement and, although the picture doesn't show it well, is standing off the panel by about a millimeter. The red switch on the right is a replacement switch with the collar ground off so it sits flush on the panel.
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Collins Radio Updates and Bulletins

Click the link to download one:

 32S-3 Manual Addendum dated 15 October 1962 for manuals dated August 15,1962
This addendum describes a strange temporary variant of the 32S-3 which eliminated the balanced mixer after the balanced modulator.  I have such a 32S-3.  This modification was ultimately reversed and the balanced mixer reinstated.

 Revision to 30L-1 SB-1 dated August 21, 1967
This updated SB describes corrective action necessary to some 30L-1s which left the factory with the hot and neutral power lines reversed from the schematic, and corrects the modification descriptions to convert the units to 220VAC.